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The ART QUOTATION website is the FIRST SITE of OFFICIAL VALUE representing contemporary artists internationally. This website aims to bring recognition and value by supporting artists of all backgrounds and experiences throughout their entire career.

  1. a) It is the only multidisciplinary artist referencing site allowing the official registration of each sale since YEAR 2010.
  2. b) The site has an automatic translation in each of the languages representing the 34 countries selected for its launch.
  3. c) Each declaration is accompanied by photos recited on the back, their official PRICES SALE PRICES, measurements (weight) and certificates.
  4. d) Only artists are admitted: Painters, Sculptors, Photographers, Ceramists
  5. e) This site is also made up of partners officiating in each of the countries represented; Experts in Art with Courts of Justice and Insurance Companies.
  6. f) The Company will continue a free representation the artist after his decease. g) Secure payment access type PAYPAL 2. – The website offers artists and galleries annual subscription

– The recording of sales made since YEAR 2010.

– Access to the references of each work will be secure and available on subscription in order to keep their confidentiality.

  1. – Subscriptions are broken down into 4 memberships
  2. a) 129£ per YEAR for artists (insertion of artworks)
  3. b) 1032£ per YEAR (118£ per month) for galleries (insertion of 8 artists + supplement)
  4. C) 80£ per WEEK

D)17£ per DAY

  1. – Partnerships for each country represented with: (on request)
  2. a) Insurance companies specializing in ART.
  3. b) independent legal art experts from the appeal court.


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– The ART QUOTATION website is made up of

  1. a) A home page with its animated logo
  2. b) A language preselection for access to functions
  3. c) An access icon for artists
  4. d) An access icon for partners
  5. e) An access icon for Experts and Individuals subscriptions
  6. f) An icon for the description of the Website and its official value
  7. g) Free access for 1 artwork and 1 artist.

– Click the link on our logo

– Member installs the link onto their website.

  1. h) The page for subscribed artists is presented by a space allowing to insert a recto photo, a verso photo, a photo of the Certificate of the work. A paragraph is to be filled in with the information of the Edition Number of the work, its Size (Length, width, height, weight) A second paragraph allows to integrate the public sale price of the work, the purchase sale price as well as the year and the resale price of the work
  2. i) – The partners page Insurance companies present the different subscription prices according to the value of the works and the duration of insurance (fixed-term exhibition) including insurance for transportation of artists works.
  3. j) – The page of approved experts presents the rights and defense of artists in the event of a dispute. These collaborate in the official quotation of works and their intrinsic value.
  4. Launch of the website (.org, .fr,, .ch, .online……) – The launch of the site is carried out with 20,000 contacts selected in 36 countries. The artist will receive free subscription for the first year providing he invites another paying subscriber in his entourage to the website. The registration of both artists will be made at the same time.
  5. Website development
  6. a) During the first 6 months the selected artists will be solicited by free access to the site in order to appreciate its access and interest.
  7. b) After 3 months, communication will be established within all social networks such as: facebook – Instagram – Linkedin – Twitter – Youtube – Douyin – Weibo – Orkut …….
  8. c) The second year will be selecting medium-sized Art Fairs in each of the Continents. A hostess company will be involved in the representation and sale of the website to exhibiting and incoming artists. For Europe (Basel and Paris) For Asia (Beijing and KIAF art Seoul) For the United States (Miami and New York) For the east (Istanbul and Dubai)
  9. d) For the third year, International presence with 1 manager by Continent with access to international renowned art fairs. For Europe (VOLTAartfairs and FIAC Paris) Asia (Pekin and KIAF Seoul) United States (Miami and New York) Middle East (Istanbul and Dubai)