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ART-QUOTATION is a promotion project for you!

For Artists, For Galleries, For Clients……!

For Artists

The site will make it possible to highlight the selling price of your works as well as all the necessary information concerning them, allowing the traceability of your works during their realization and well after!

If you sell your works via the Internet but also auction rooms, it is also normal to declare them so that they are listed in a database.

For Galleries

Because it will highlight your site and workplace, your various exhibitions, but also highlight the artists you represent

giving credibility, trust and respect to your company with your customers and collectors.

For Customers

Because the project will support the true value of your artists by justifying the amount of each acquisition.

The fact that an artist declares their sale is not to reveal the client but for the purpose of the artists work and all its information allowing full traceability. The client privacy is kept in all discretion.

ART-QUOTATION and the OFFICIAL QUOTE in detail is an international platform of professional and passionate subscribers constituting a database in which each work sold will be listed.
It will be listed as:

  • The name of the artist (by the galleries) his public price and price sold (resale if necessary)
  • The name of the work, its dimensions, the working technique
  • The link of the artist or the gallery and his contact

In conclusion, ART-QUOTATION is a real human project!
It’s a central database for each person having acquired the name ARTIST by his identity, his work, his sales…
giving the assurance of a new future for each of us.

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The ART QUOTATION website is the FIRST SITE of OFFICIAL VALUE representing contemporary artists internationally. This website aims to bring recognition and value by supporting artists of all backgrounds and experiences throughout their entire career.

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Presentation of the artists of the month

Julien Raynaud Ambassadeur France

Julien  Raynaud c’est d’abord des histoires d’amour et puis des histoires tout  court. Cet Artiste marseillais de 35 ans a beaucoup de choses à  raconter. Ses racines méditerranéennes ainsi que ses voyages à l’autre bout du monde imprègnent ses toiles colorées et géométriques.

Nicolas Lavarenne sculpteur Ambassadeur France

epuis 1984 les sculptures de Nicolas LAVARENNE sont exposées dans le monde entier et font partie de collections privées et publiques d’amateurs d’art, dont les exigences n’ont pas été trompées…..Les installations urbaines se succèdent pour permettre à un très large public d’apprécier son travail . Nicolas Lavarenne prend une place majeure dans mon choix et j’ai le sentiment de transmettre ma passion aux nombreux visiteurs de Saint Paul de Vence, où ses sculptures sont représentées en permanence.

Christine Romberg Ambassador Norway

I am standing in Kristin Romberg’s studio in Fredrikstad.  The large, oblong space is filled with paintings, from floor to ceiling.  Stretched canvases and cotton textiles mounted on walls and hanging from thin cords.  She invites me to lift the paintings that are hanging on top of each other, layer upon layer.  To move between the formats as if I were walking in a forest.  Romberg is known for her paintings of the atmosphere and energy of places.


Insurance for art professionals

AXA XL Insurance offers damage insurance cover for works of art constituting the stock of art professionals.
Thanks to our long experience in the art market, we know the importance of a tailor-made contract with guarantees adapted to the specific risks to which the works of art and collectibles entrusted to or belonging to art professionals are exposed. art